Truth of BNG (Dsm Granth )

The God of Dasam Granth – Part 3

Karminder Singh Dhillon,
PhD (Boston), Kuala Lumpur.

In Part One and Two of the series aimed at examining the God of Dasam Granth (DG); the following facts were established from within the compositions of DG:
1. The primary God of the Dasam Granth (DG) is Mahakaal and the secondary God is Durga.
2. The authors of DG (Raam, Syam and Nul) belong to the Vaam Maragi SECT of Shivji; it is therefore natural that they attempt to portray their God as supreme.
3. Subjugation of other / rival deities is evident from within the rachnas of DG. Bhrama, Vishnu (and his 24 incarnations) including Ram, Krishen and also others such as Rishi Valmeek, Sita and the Gopis of Krishen are shown praying to to Durga and Mahakaal.
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