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Bala reincarnate

Gurcharan Singh Jeonwala

Bala Reincarnate……

By Gurcharan Singh Jeonwala

It is regrettable that Patiala University academics are in the process of re-incarnating a new Bhai Bala. They want to create a fictitious Bala who will be the companion of Guru Nanak’s travels. The Bala that even Bhai Gurdasji did not know about because he heard nothing of any Bala from the third and fourth Gurus with whom he spent his life.

But miraculously, these academics seem to know about Guru Nanak than Bhai Gurdasji even.

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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Karminder Singh Dhillon, Phd (Boston)

Note: This article appeared as the Editorial of The Sikh Bulletin, USA, Jan –March 2019 Issue. The complete issue is available at Webmaster.


In the five and half centuries of Sikh spirituality, Sikhs have never been as disconnected from the spiritual messages contained in Gurbani as they are in the 21st Century. The root cause of such spiritual decline is clear: Sikhs have steadily distanced themselves from the understanding of the spiritual messages contained within the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS).

Such distancing from the messages of Gurbani is despite the deep physical connections that Sikhs have nurtured with the physical embodiment (saroop) that is the SGGS – in forms including but not limited to making precious offerings; according splendour to its installation; donning it under palkis made of gold; parading it around in ostentatious displays called nagar kirtan; multiple continuous readings in the style of Akhand and Sehej Paths; and other physical forms of reverence in the name of religious ritual and dogma.

But Sikhs have remained disengaged from the messages contained within.

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Antt Kaal

Karminder Singh on what is Antt Kaal in Gurbani

Gurbani Shabd Vichar

Karminder Singh PhD (Boston)

Aant Kaal ਅੰਤਿ ਕਾਲਿ

Note: This article appeared in The Sikh Bulletin, USA, Jan –March 2019 Issue. The complete issue is available at Webmaster.

The shabd is composed by Bhagat Tarlochan ji in Raag Gurji and appears on Page 526 of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS).

A study of its existing interpretations – both in Punjabi Teekas and English Translations – indicates that it stands as amongst the most misinterpreted shabds. Given its subject matter, misinterpretation of the verses has the potential of creating severe distortions to our understanding of Gurmat.

This article attempts to provide authentic SGGS based meanings to the verses by using the Gurbani Framework.

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Latest News

Sabha is in ICU. You are invited to the Funeral.

Karminder Singh Dhillon, PhD (Boston)

Sabha is in ICU. You are Invited to the Funeral.

Karminder Singh, PhD (Boston)

Yes. That is the state of affairs of Sikh Naujwan Sabha Malaysia – if a recent WhatsApp post – issued under the names or 13 distressed folks is to be believed.

Let’s refer to them as the Desperate Gang of 13 (DG-13) for ease of reference.

There are reports that the WhatsApp post contains names that should not be there. More important are the names that are not there, but should be there; they are the Funeral Directors. The puppeteers. The hidden hands. More of these masterminds later.

The post is titled ‘Taking Sabha out of troubled waters’. Taking Over Sabha by Creating Trouble may have sounded more apt. After all, if one dozen crocodiles claimed there were helping ‘Take a cow out of troubled waters’ one would be suspicious – even if lots of crocodile tears were shed in making the case for the poor cow’s slaughter.

WILL THE NAUJWAN PLEASE STAND UP. The oldest member of DG-13 is over 80 and the youngest touching 60. That’s not bad in itself. I am in the same age range and as members of this bracket we acquire the right to talk about ICUs and funerals. But that doesn’t give us the right to wish either on others. That’s the domain of the Creator.

The Punjabi language has an idiom ਚਲੇ ਹੋਏ ਕਾਰਤੂਸ। Spent bullets in English. At least 3 have served unmolested as Jathedar of the Sabha and others have served in the Exco repeatedly and over many terms. They had their days. And their days are over.

There is a so called Gyani amongst the DG-13 who is more accurately an Agyani. There are more ironies.

People who did nothing worth remembering during their own long tenures are now suddenly invigorated and energized to take Sabha “out of troubled waters.” People who carry fake titles are inspired by a need to declare that the current jathedar is “fake” and should thus be removed from office.

People who are into their sunset years are desirous of saving the sunrise of tomorrow. People who are the root cause of the problem are now pretending to be part of the solution. People who are acting as agents of the masterminds are faking independent thought and action. People who split the Sabha in just 6 months they took over the Exco by dragging it into the DG controversy are now screaming “unity” at the top of their lungs.

The list is long.


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