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Tribute to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji of Village Kala Afghana- 21st Century’s Most renowned Reformer and SGGS Purist

The Sikh world has lost one of its most illuminated minds in the passing of Gyani Gurbax Singh Kala Afgana. 

 He contributed immensely to  Tatt Gurmat while exposing the corruption of Sikhi by our depraved clergy – deras, sants, babas and Taksalees.  He influenced a great many minds – Sikh parcharaks, writers and thinkers. He wrote profusely and his revolutionary ideas will live on. 

There is no doubt that Kala Afgana stands as the leading reformer since the founders of Singh Sabha movement  Gyani Gurditt Singh and Prof Gurmukh Singh. His loss to the Sikh world is unparalleled. 

The clergy and our corrupted institutions including the AT left no stone unturned to lock his soul up – they excommunicated him in exile, harassed him, threatened him and    prayed profusely for his death. 

The old warrior who in his final stage of life so terrified the false pujarees and jathedaars that they cowed out of a video call discussion with a sick old man of integrity. 

He has passed on but not before creating uncountable thinking and questioning minds. He will live on in their minds and in the minds of many more to come. 

The corruptors and hijackers of Sikhi are naturally overjoyed that they have one less threat to deal with. It’s a reflection of their small mindedness. 

The SGGS linked Sikh world will feel blessed in the enlightenment that Kala Afghana shared with all. His loss will be deeply felt but the passion for Sikhi truths  that he ignited will burn bright for generations to come. 

The best service to his memory is to have copies of all his 12 books and read them thoroughly


May Guru ji bless strength to his loved ones to bear his loss. 


Karminder Singh Dhillon PhD (Boston) 

Gyani Jarnail Singh Arshi. 

Jan 10th 2019 

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CHANTING TSUNAMI & 10,000 COUNTING METERS: Taking Sikhs Back to 1468.

Karminder Singh PhD (Boston)

It cannot be that any Sikh would want to go back to 1468 – the year when Guru Nanak had not yet come to bless us with Godly ENLIGHTENMENT.

But some Sikhs, in their apparent unawareness – appear bent on doing just that: taking our spirituality back to the darkness and ignorance of 1468 and earlier.

There is a “Tsumani” in the making to achieve just that. The poster being distributed by the organizers shows Guru Nanak riding a wave; while the contents of the message accompanying the poster include the following:

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Knowing Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

Knowing Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

Karminder Singh Dhillon, PhD (Boston).

Eminent Sikh scholar Bhai Gurdas Ji – a contemporary of Guru Arjun Dev ji, and in whose hand the first copy of Granth Sahib as narrated by the fifth Guru was written – describes the coming of Guru Nanak Paatshah in the following verses:

ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਨਾਨਕ ਪ੍ਰਗਟਿਆ ਮਿਟੀ ਧੁੰਧ ਜਗ ਚਾਨਣ ਹੋਆ॥ Satgur Nanak Pargetiya Mitee Dhund Jug Chanan Hoa

ਜਿਉਂ ਕਰ ਸੂਰਜ ਨਿਕਲਿਆ ਤਾਰੇ ਛਪੇ ਅੰਧੇਰ ਪਲੋਆ॥ Jio Kar Suraj Nikelya, Tarey Chupey Andher Paloa.

Bhai ji says the coming of Guru Nanak was like the rising of the morning sun whose rays cut through the mist of dawn and lighted the skies, within which brightness, the mighty stars disappeared together with the darkness within which these stars reigned.

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Genuine Satikaar of to Read,Understand,Follow, IMBIBE in Daily Life to Transform it towards Gurmatt


For Past Few Years, a few self created groups have been carrying on campaigns to remove SGGS from Sikh homes and other premises under pretext of Satikaar/Maryada etc.

ਪਿਛਲੇ ਕੁਝ ਸਾਲਾਂ ਤੋਂ ਕੁਝ ਲੋਕਾਂ ਵੱਲੋਂ ਅਖੌਤੀ ‘ ਸਤਿਕਾਰ ਕਮੇਟੀ ’ ਦੇ ਨਾਂ ਹੇਠ, ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਦੇ ਅਦਬ ਦੇ ਨਾਂ ‘ਤੇ, ਸਿੱਖਾਂ ਦੇ ਘਰਾਂ ਵਿਚੋਂ, ਅਖੌਤੀ ਮਰਿਆਦਾ ਨਾ ਨਿਭਾਏ ਜਾਣ ਦੇ ਬਹਾਨੇ ਨਾਲ, ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਦੇ ਸਰੂਪ/ਬੀੜਾਂ ਚੁਕੀਆਂ ਜਾ ਰਹੀਆਂ ਹਨ ਜਾਂ ਉਨ੍ਹਾਂ ਨੂੰ ਬੇਇੱਜ਼ਤ ਤੇ ਤੰਗ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ। ਇਹ ਧੱਕੇਸ਼ਾਹੀ ਬੁਰਛਾਗਰਦੀ ਦੀ ਹੱਦ ਤਕ ਜਾ ਪੁੱਜੀ ਹੈ। ਸ਼ੱਕ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈ ਕਿ ਇਸ ਦੇ ਪਿੱਛੇ ਇਹ ਸਾਜ਼ਿਸ਼ ਹੈ ਕਿ ਸਿੱਖ ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਤੋਂ ਦੂਰ ਹੁੰਦੇ ਜਾਣ। 
ਚਾਹੀਦਾ ਤਾਂ ਇਹ ਹੈ ਕਿ ਗੁਰੂ ਗ੍ਰੰਥ ਸਾਹਿਬ ਦਾ ਸਰੂਪ ਹਰ ਇਕ ਸਿੱਖ ਦੇ ਘਰ ਵਿਚ ਹੋਵੇ। ਭਾਵੇਂ ਉਹ ਕਿਸੇ ਵੀ ਸਾਈਜ਼ ਦਾ ਹੋਵੇ।ਜਾਂ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਕਿਸੇ ਮੁਨਾਸਿਬ ਜਗਹ ‘ਤੇ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾਵੇ ਜਾਂ ਫਿਰ ਉਸ ਨੂੰ ਅਦਬ ਨਾਲ ਅਲਮਾਰੀ ਵਿਚ ਰੱਖਿਆ ਹੋਵੇ ਅਤੇ ਜਦੋਂ ਵੀ ਆਸਾਨੀ ਹੋਵੇ ਉਸ ਦਾ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ ਅਤੇ ਪਾਠ ਕੀਤਾ ਜਾ ਸਕੇ।

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