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Special Message from Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadreewallah

2 thoughts on “Special Message from Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadreewallah

  1. Have no respect for Ranjeet Singh D, he is part of the problem. Till recently he was ‘sant’. Without doubt behavior of so called Taksalis is condemnable. It’s a shame. Represents the Current stateof affairs of Sikhs.
    But I am really disappointed at your site putting up lecture ofRanjit. He is a debauch.
    Unfortunately, Ranjits reputation and past actions are deplorable sir please take off his lecture. Get somebody else to say the same thing , not this swine.
    I have been listening regularly to Dhillon Sahib and have recommended your site to Atleast two dozen of my family and friends. They all will be disappointed at your site giving space to Ranjit Singh D

    1. Guru Pyareh Gurpreet Singh Ji,
      We have followed Ranjit Singh since he came on stage in 2003 and critiqued him strongly for his dhaarnas, beleifs in bhoots and prets, tall tales about babas and miracles etc as well as accepting gifts and matha tekking….BUT all of a sudden he dropped the word SANT, and began preaching AUTHENTIC SIKHI based on Tatt Gurmat Interpretations of Gurbani which led to him being vilified by his former colleague, who even arranged an failed assassination attempt on him which killed a colleague instead. After failing to shut him up the opposition turned even more virulent and resorted to asking the GOI to stop his Parchaar sessions. The very same GOI and the Police which they routinely condemn as anti-sikh are friendly when they seek to oppose BRSD. We find no evidence of any debauchery or nati0gurmat behaviour except for rumour mongering by his opponents who will stoop to disrupting peaceful diwans. Until evidence emerges we will continue to give space to ALL Tatt Gurmatt parcharaks. Thank You for your support. WEB MASTER.

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